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Ethics In Business Essays (2251 words) - Business Ethics

Ethics In Business Business Ethics Business Ethics Ethics in Business From a business perspective, working under government contracts can be a very lucrative proposition. In general, a stream of orders keep coming in, revenue increases and the company grows in the aggregate. The obvious downfalls to working in this manner is both higher quality expected as well as the extensive research and documentation required for government contracts. If a part fails to perform correctly it can cause minor glitches as well as problems that can carry serious repercussions, such as in the National Semiconductor case. When both the culpable component and company are found, the question arises of how extensive these repercussions should be. Is the company as an entity liable or do you look into individual employees within that company? From an ethical perspective one would have to look at the mitigating factors of both the employees and their superiors along with the role of others in the failure of these components. Next you would ha ve to analyze the final ruling from a corporate perspective and then we must examine the macro issue of corporate responsibility in order to attempt to find a resolution for cases like these. The first mitigating factor involved in the National Semiconductor case is the uncertainty, on the part of the employees, on the duties that they were assigned. It is plausible that during the testing procedure, an employee couldnt distinguish which parts they were to test under government standards and commercial standards. In some cases they might have even been misinformed on the final consumers of the products that they tested. In fact, ignorance on the part of the employees would fully excuse them from any moral responsibility for any damage that may result from their work. Whether it is decided that an employees is fully excused, or is given some moral responsibility, would have to be looked at on an individual basis. The second mitigating factor is the duress or threats that an employee might suffer if they do not follow through with their assignment. After the bogus testing was completed in the National Semiconductor labs, the documentation department also had to falsify documents stating that the parts had surpassed the governmental testing standards. From a legal and ethical standpoint, both the testers and the writers of the reports were merely acting as agents on direct orders from a superior. This was also the case when the plant in Singapore refused to falsify the documents and were later falsified by the employees at the have California plant before being submitted to the approval committees (Velazquez, 53). The writers of the reports were well aware of the situation yet they acted in this manner on the instruction of a supervisor. Acting in an ethical manner becomes a secondary priority in this type of environment. As stated by Alan Reder, . . . if they [the employees] feel they will suffer retribution, if they report a problem, they arent too likely to op en their mouths. (113). The workers knew that if the reports were not falsified they would come under questioning and perhaps their employment would go into jeopardy. Although working under these conditions does not fully excuse an employees from moral fault, it does start the divulging process for determining the order of the chain of command of superiors and it helps to narrow down the person or department that issued the original request for the unethical acts. The third mitigating factor is one that perhaps encompasses the majority of the employees in the National Semiconductor case. We have to balance the direct involvement that each employee had with the defective parts. Thus, it has to be made clear that many of the employees did not have a direct duty with the testing departments or with the parts that eventually failed. Even employees, or sub-contractors, that were directly involved with the production were not aware of the incompetence on the part of the testing department . For example, the electrical engineer that designed the defective computer chip could act in good faith that it would be tested to ensure that it did indeed meet the required government endurance tests. Also, for the employees that handled the

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The Revolution of Digital Technology

The Revolution of Digital Technology Introduction Digital Revolution refers to the change in technology that has been going on in the last 40 years from analog technology and mechanical technology to the digital technology.Advertising We will write a custom essay sample on The Revolution of Digital Technology specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More The revolution have been characterized by rapid developments in the information technology with the computers becoming,faster,cheaper,powerful and smaller and this has information technology to be part and parcel of lives as it is embedded in almost all the products and people are adjusting very fast to the rapid pace that the information environment is changing. Other developments that have been realized as far as the revolution is concerned includes the digital television, digital democracy,gaming,mobile phone, the world wide web, online social networking,vitual communities, music and multimedia, digital divide among others. The fo llowing essay covers the issues relating to the revolution of information and the challenges that are hinder the effective revolution of digital technology. History and timeline of digital technology The invention of personal compute in the mid 20th century enhanced the invention of new technologies by converging the previous analog technology to digital format. This made it possible to make identical copies of the original and hence the ability of accessing and distributing information remotely between media. A significant development as far as the digital revolution is concerned is the transition of music from analog to recorded digital one in they early 1980s (Hoare,1998). The whole phenomenon behind digital revolution started with the invention of a transistor which in turn facilitated the invention of a microprocessor. The microprocessor saw the development of the personal computers and it was the invention of the personal computers that paved way for other digital devices that are present today. The transistor that facilitated the invention of digital computers was invented in 1947 and so the computers came onto being in the mid 1950s and it was only the government, military and the organizations that had the computer systems.As a result of digital computers invention, the World Wide Web was created.Advertising Looking for essay on computer science? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More The personal computers were later invented in the 1970s in which the time sharing between computers was effectively realized. The general public became familiar with the computers in the 1980s in the industrialized nations such as U.S, Geramny, France among others. Thus people bought the computers for home and business use.Many people became conversant with the computers and also many jobs were created as a result. It is also in the 1980s that the first cell phone was created by Motorola (Creeber Martin, 2008). The period between 1990s and 2000 was also characterized by significant developments in the digital era. First, the internet was released by the World Wide Web and so many businesses had the chance of advertising themselves. People from the developed nations were the first beneficiary of internet invention but the digital revolution eventually spread to the entire globe in 1990s implying that even people from the developing countries had the access to internet. The cell phone was also developed in this era but much later which had the effect of enhancing communication among people. The Social-economic Impacts of digital revolution The revolution of digital technology has had both positive as well as negative impact as far as social and economic aspects are concerned. The positive impacts of the revolution of the digital technology include the fact that it has enhanced interconnectedness among people. The interconnectedness has reduced costs and time as far as sending and receiving the information is concerned. In the past, people used to spend much money in an order to convey information (Hofstede, 1997). The digital technology has also made information to be easily accessible unlike in the past and this have resulted to great efficiency in organizations and hence enabling them to achieve their objectives. The World Wide Web has been of much assistance as it has facilitated the outsourcing by the companies and hence enhancing interaction between the companies.Advertising We will write a custom essay sample on The Revolution of Digital Technology specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More The new innovations have also brought about economic growth through globalization whereby one can even buy and sell products online without necessarily having to travel long distances in order to carry out negotiations and so everyday life of people have been made easier. Electronic commerce as a result of internet allows efficiency on the consumer’s prices for goods and services because middlemen which have the effect of increasing the prices are eliminated as the supplier is able to sell his or her goods directly to the consumers. The negative effects as a result of revolution of digital technology includes the fact that the companies’ productivity is often reduced as employees spends much time pursuing their own interests using the digital devices that are found in the workplace e.g. playing computer games, chatting on the social network sites such as facebook and twitter,accesing emails e.t.c. The other negative impact as far as the revolution of digital technology is concerned is that there is less privacy because the information that is stored in the digital devices is susceptible to be accessed by people who were not intended to view it. Some of the information that is found in they internet for instance may not be suitable for people of all ages such as underage as it have unethical elements such as pornography e.t.c. due to the fact that organizations as well as individuals are allowed to publish any topic whatsoever to the world at large at minimal costs (World Culture Report, 1998). This has been a major concern for many parents as the students performance in schools continue to deteriorate because they spends much of their time either listening to music with their iPods, downloading music, watching movies and video clips e.t.c.instead of concentrating in their studies (Creeber Martin, 2008). There has also been an increase in frauds as far as the revolution in digital technology is concerned e.g. the cyber crime with the World Wide Web which has resulted to huge losses among the victims (Vikas, 2002).Advertising Looking for essay on computer science? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Challenges of digital revolution The path towards digital revolution has not been all smooth as it has been met with challenges and the main one being digital divide (Challoner Gribbin, 2002). The gap between those who have access to information technology and those who do not have is quite wide and this has made the revolution in digital technology not to be uniform because there are societies that continues to lag behind and resulting into digital divide. The digital divide occurs mainly in the low developed nations with many people being unaware of the current digital technologies and so the revolution process cannot be carried out effectively as the people behind revolution cannot be able to get feedback on the existing products. Another challenge that is common in the digital revolution is the rate at which the evolution takes place implying that ones digital gadgets as well as programs are always at a risk of becoming obsolete due to the revolution of more effective ones and hence a person will be required to seek for the digital devices that are currently in use which is a bit costly (Hofstede, 1997). There are also concerns about trademarks and copyrights as a result of revolution of the digital technology as consumers have resulted to duplicating the original protected works instead of purchasing the original product from the manufacturers. The music and film industry is the one that has been greatly affected by these violations. This has in turn led to the killing of the morale of the original manufacturers. The emergence of counterfeit products in the market have also made it hard for the consumers both differentiate between the original products and the fake ones and this have the effect of hindering the product innovation Conclusion The digital revolution have spurred economic growth as a result of the innovations and with the personal computers advent, information management about products, people and processes became crucial in each and every s ector of the economy. The mere convergence of communication, computing and the content enhanced the digital revolution as well as digital economy. In today’s world, societies have adequate infrastructure concerning information and communication technology as revolution still continues and thus reaping benefits as a result of the advancement in technology. As competition increases in businesses, innovation is being considered as the key factor for success and so there is need to encourage the under developed nations to be innovative enough so that they can be able to compete effectively with the developed nations (Hofstede, 1997). Reference List Challoner, J. Gribbin, J (2002).The Digital Revolution. London: DK Pub Creeber, G. Martin, R. (2008).Digital cultures. London: Open University Press. Hoare, S. (1998).Digital Revolutiion: 20th century inventions. Whyman: Raintree Steck- Vaughn. Hofstede, G. (1997).Culture and Organizations Software of the Mind. New York: McGraw Hill. Vikas, M. (2002).Annals of Indian Language Computing: Goa International. UK: Conference on Universal Knowledge and Language. World Culture Report. (1998).Culture, Creativity and Markets. US: UNESCO

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Leadership and Management Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Leadership and Management - Assignment Example Along with nursing services, there are qualified social workers, with one being assigned to each patient, spiritual care services that are an option should the patient request them, volunteer services who are usually trained by hospice and use their time being companions and developing relationships with the patient and there is also bereavement support. This support will follow a family for thirteen months with phone calls and offers of support groups though they primarily provide support by allowing the family to talk about their lost loved one with one outside of the family circle and it also lets them know that the patient is well remembered by the staff at BHPCC. BHPCC can provide and does provide additional services as needed by the patient. Physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy and swallowing studies and nutritional therapy designed to ensure the patient is getting the maximum amount of nutrients, often this will be quite creative when a patient does not want to eat. High protein shakes, ensures, and other high impact alternatives will be used to ensure that while the patient is exercising his or her right to refuse food they can usually be talked into one of these choices without feeling they’ve lost the ability to make the choice. BHPCC partnered with Van Dyke Hospice offer the client many other possible services and have situational arrangement should the client need. Some of those programs are Bethany Baptist Faith Program, separate special care programs for both dementia and cardiac and also pulmonary special care programs. Another very import program is the palliative care and support for family members and caregivers. The Nursing Supervisor is responsible for supervising all medical employees. Other business functions within the organizations have their own hierarchy of supervision, such as in payroll, staffing and front desk operations. Staff consists of registered and licensed practical nurses. There are also support staf f such as aids and respiratory. Support staff such as the nursing aids spends the most time with the patient and it is often up to them to notice changes in function or cognition within the patient and report this to the patient’s assigned nurse. The nurse will then contact the doctor after their own assessment with any finding so that the doctor can determine if a visit is needed or medication change. Because the unit is a hospice unit and palliative care their can and usually is a high level of stress. Families are usually upset, patients are often angry, confused or in denial. Health care workers must carefully balance the primary needs of the patient with the needs that the family will also have for support and information about the patient’s condition. The model of care was one of a team method with the RN serving in a democratic way as team leader. Morning meetings are conducted daily and nurses are to present any cases they may have questions on or that need the team leaders input. These cases can be anything from patients complaints and how to better deal with them, to family requests and if we are able to meet them. Many times, Mary, the team leader would ask the Nurse their own opinion in the matter because the nurse has much

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Different sectors and their current performance Essay

Different sectors and their current performance - Essay Example United Kingdom’s construction sector is important for the country’s economy and has a number of services,products and technologies. These differ in economic value realized from them relative to their varied outputs regarding skilled and unskilled labor, knowledge, raw materials, intangible investment and raw materials. It must also be noted that the construction industry in the UK has been growing in terms of maintaining, designing and developing, operating and repairing of buildings (CIB, 2010). These and more are captured in this paper which looks into five key sectors in the UK construction industry. Private house builders Private house builders in the United Kingdom normally raise money to put up buildings and projects. They are then paid by their clients or the government upon completion of the projects but with interest (CLG, 2010). The payment is distributed evenly over a given contracted period of time when the building process runs. Their roles comprise buildin g of houses, large buildings, estates as well as developing structured facilities for example manufacturing buildings. They are mostly associated with cheap labor which they employ in the building process while at the end of the day they reap huge sums of money in return which guarantee them huge profits. Some of the activities which are presently being worked on by private house builders include putting up of a 75-storey Hertsmene House on the Canary Wharf and building up of residential houses in new towns (CIMR, 2003). This housing project is set to take three years and its benefits are projected to boost the country’s economy. This will be in terms of investment prospects which have since been defined and planned for the building once it is complete. Social house builders UK has in the recent past had an increased rate in worker housing needs hence calling for new developments to build houses for workers (BIS, 2012). Social house builders are concerned with such building d evelopments in which they are charged with the task of building worker houses. This considers costs for constructing the houses which are usually a target of low cost ownership of homes for workers. There are quite a number of social house builders whereby some work as single entities while others work in partnerships. This has also led to emergence of associations for housing projects and at least 5000 new homes are said to be in the process of being constructed at the moment (Leftly, 2010). These are projected to take approximately a year and are set to benefit the worker community especially in relieving them from the strain of house seeking at convenient places. Social house builders understand the specific needs and requirements which are associated with affordable housing constructions. This is mainly with regards to housing designs and building approaches employed in building the houses. Social house builders are always focused on benchmarking their present position while als o look into ways of improving their building performances (UKCES, 2012). They are also keen to offer affordable housing and help in addressing particular needs of people relative to culture, security, language as well as accessibility to services. Private commercial builders Output of commercial building process in the UK has off late been noted to account for 18 per cent of all the work associated with construction industry (UKCES, 2012). Private commercial builders has however, been on the rise in the country with most of them targeting construction in various areas. They have been into construction of residential buildings whereby new building projects, renovation works, home improvements and extension projects have been part of their dealings. They have also been into commercial construction projects both in the public sector and private sector. Their main concentration has been construction of both commercial and residential build

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Best Actor Academy Awards Film Studies Essay

Best Actor Academy Awards Film Studies Essay He is one of the best actors in the world. Known for his careful choice of his parts, he has acted in only 20 movies. However, he was nominated for 5 Academy Awards and he won 3 Best Actor Academy Awards which casted a shadow on the Hollywood greats DeNiro, Nicholson, Pacino etc. Daniel Michael Blake Day-Lewis was born on April 29, 1957 in London. His father, Cecile Day-Lewis, although half-Irish, lived in England for most of his life. Four years before his death, he was named the United Kingdom s Poet Laureate (Nicolas Blake). His mother, Jill Balcon was a Jewish actress. His maternal grandfather was a very important person in the history of British cinematography. He had artistic genes from every branch of the family. His older sister Tamasin Day-Lewis is a documentarian. They moved to Greenwich when he was 2. His father was 53 when Daniel was born and he never showed interest in his children. He died when Daniel was 15 which caused great emotional insecurity with the teenage Daniel. Living in Greenwich, which was known as a tough part of London, he was surrounded by poor and troubled kids. He was considered a Posh Jew-Irish, so he was often bullied. When he was an adolescent he became an expert in the local accent and behaviour, so he claimed that these were the very beginnings of his acting career. Later, he spoke of his teenage self as very much a disorderly character in his younger years, often in trouble for shoplifting and other petty crimes  [1]   In 1968 he was sent to a boarding school because his parents thought he was too wild. Even though memories from that school werent particularly nice, he discovered his greatest passions: fishing, woodworking and acting. His acting debut was in a play where he played a black kid and his first film was Sunday, Bloody Sunday, when he was 14. Although he was uncredited and the part was really insignificant (he was a vandal), he described this as heaven because he was given  £2 to destroy fancy cars. When he was 18 he decided he had to choose a profession. Although he was a member of National Youth Theatre he decided to become a carpenter. He applied for a five-year apprenticeship but, fortunately, he was rejected due to his lack of experience. After that he joined the Bristol Old Vic Theatre School which he attended for three years. Daniel threw himself fully into the craft of drama. In 1982, 11 years after his film debut, he acted in Academy Award winning Gandhi (1982), but the part was small. After that he joined the Royal Shakespearean Company playing Romeo in Romeo and Juliet and Flute in A Midsummer Night Dream. This was followed by a role of a punk homosexual in My beautiful Laundrette, theater version of Dracula and A Room with a View (1986) featuring Helena Bonham Carter. One of his first important roles was the one of a Czech surgeon Tomas in the Philip Kaufmans adaptation of Kunderas Unbearable Lightness of Being (1987) with Juliette Binoche and Lena Olin. The interesting fact about this movie is that during the eight months he spent in Prague, he learnt Czech and for the first time he refused to break character off set throughout the entire shooting. This was considered extremely eccentric at that point, but it was only the beginning for Daniel. I dont rehearse at all in film if I can help it. In talking a character through, you define it. And if you define it, you kill it dead. The eccentricity reached its climax for the first time in 1989 with the part of Christy Brown in Jim Sheridans My Left Foot. My Left Foot is actually a book, an autobiography of Christy Brown who had suffered from cerebral paralysis for his entire life and the only part of his body he could move was his left foot. He began painting and eventually became extremely famous. The first part of preparation for the role included frequent visits to a clinic in Dublin where he was in touch with people with various disabilities and he even formed friendship with a few, some of whom couldnt even speak. His version of the so called method acting began developing in this particular movie. Again, he refused to break character which was more difficult in this situation. Off-set he constantly used the wheelchair, insisted on being spoon-fed and he had to be carried around constantly because he wanted to experience all aspects of Christy Browns life, especially shame and anger which he depicted perfectly in the film. He broke two ribs on the set due to hunched-over position in the wheelchair. He won numerous rewards for this part including his first Best Actor Academy Award. In 1989 he returned to theater for the part of Hamlet, however he collapsed on stage in the middle of the scene where Hamlet sees the ghost of his father. The rumor has it that he saw the ghost of his own father which he later confirmed. He hasnt worked in the theater ever since. In 1992, The Last of the Mohicans followed. The film was neither a success nor a particularly good film, however, his preparations were as always interesting. He underwent a very difficult diet and he lived in the forest isolated from the rest. He was hunting and fishing for survival, he learnt to build canoes, skin animals and carried the rifle all the time. Four years after My Left Foot, he started a new cooperation with Jim Sheridan on his new film In the Name of the Father. He played Gerry Conlon, a member of the Guildford Four who were accused and convicted as bombers and the members of the IRA who spent 15 years in prison for the crime they didnt commit. He kept his accent off set and spent a lot of time in a cell. On his request, he was constantly thrown cold water at and insulted. He was nominated for an Oscar but lost to Tom Hanks, ironically for the part he was offered. He moved to County Wicklow in 1993 and assumed Irish citizenship. In 1993 he began working with Martin Scorsese on The Age of Innocence with Winona Ryder and Michelle Pfeiffer. He wore clothing from the 19th century for two months and walked around New York City wearing a top hat, a cane and a cape in extremely cold weather. In 1996 he started working with Arthur Miller on The Crucible. He met his wife-to -be, Millers daughter, Rebecca, whom he married a year later. He currently lives on a 50-acre farm in Ireland, with his wife and children Ronan Cal, 14, and Cashel Blake, 10. From a previous relationship with a French actress Isabelle Adjani he has a son, Gabriel Kane, 17. She claims that he broke up with here by fax when she told him she was pregnant. That is pretty much the only gossip you can find on Daniel Day-Lewis. He returned to Jim Sheridan in The Boxer (1996) with the part of a former boxer and IRA member. He prepared intensely, he was training twice a day for more than six months with the former boxing world champion Barry McGuigan who said that Daniel could turn pro. He had his nose broken during the filming. He wanted to retire, so he moved to Florence and decided to return to his old love woodworking. However, he became interested in another craft, cobblery. He became an apprentice and for the next 4 years no one knows where he actually was. When asked, he stated that it was a period of my life that I had a right to, without any intervention of that kind.  [2]   Martin Scorseses Gangs of New York (2002) was his great comeback. He was persuaded by DiCaprio to take the part. Actually, he has lured to New York on false pretenses and eventually accepted the part of Bill the Butcher, who, ironically, hates the Irish. He began his usual preparation for the character which included apprenticeship at the butchers. He was constantly listening to Eminem to get angry. While he was filming, he never broke character, he kept Bills New York accent. At one point he got very sick because he refused to wear a coat, that would be breaking the rules they didnt wear warmer coats in the 19th century. After being diagnosed with pneumonia and still refusing to wear a coat he had to seek treatment. He was nominated for an Oscar again. After the Gangs, he acted on his wifes film The Ballad of Jack and Rose (2005), which received mixed reviews, but the interesting fact is that he lived in a hut on a beach, separated from his family to experience the emotions of his character. In 2007, his role of the psychotic and misanthropic Daniel Plainview in There will be Blood brought him 23 awards including his second Best Actor Academy Award. His portrayal was listed in top 10 of the best performances ever. In 2009 he decided to accept the role of Guido Contini in a somewhat different film from his usual ones, the Rob Marshalls musical Nine, featuring Marion Cotillard, Penelope Cruz, Nicole Kidmanà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‚ ¦.He was nominated for a Golden Globe and many other awards despite the fact the movie wasnt a huge success . In 2010 it was announced that Daniel Day-Lewis would definitely play Abraham Lincoln in Steven Spielbergs Lincoln. The idea of this project existed for 10 years, however Daniel refused the part because it was completely preposterous for him to even think of him as Lincoln. Nevertheless, he was persuaded by Spielberg and yet again began his intense preparations for the part. He asked Spielberg for a year that was necessary for the preparation that included reading over 100 books on Lincoln, cooperation with make-up artists that achieved an excellent physical resemblance. He worked on the voice of Lincoln for a long time and when he finally came up with the final version, he sent the tape to Spielberg in a box with a scull on it so Spielberg would be the only person to hear it before the beginning of the shooting. The film was nominated for 7 Golden Globes and 12 Oscars including Best Picture, Best Director and Best Actor. It was also a huge commercial success, grossing 220 million dol lars worldwide. Although the film didnt win any of the major Academy Awards, Daniel won both Golden Globe and Academy Award. He thus became the only actor in history to win three Best Actor Academy Awards. He was asked who he would like to play next and he replied: I cant think of anyone right now because I need to lie down for a couple of years. No, I cant think of any. I really cant, no. Its hard to imagine doing anything after this.  [3]   After this part he said he definitely needed rest so, knowing him, who knows when he would return to the set? I begin with a sense of mystery. In other words, I am intrigued by a life that seems very far removed from my own. And I have a sense of curiosity to discover that life and maybe change places with it for a while. If I werent allowed this outlet, there wouldnt be a place for me in society. I suppose I have a highly developed capacity for self-delusion, so its no problem for me to believe Im somebody else.

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Innocent Smoothies Essay

What is branding? Branding is the process involved in creating a distinctive look for a product or company to create desire and trust from the customers for the product or company. A way a company can use branding is by having a unique logo or motto because it’s a way for the public to recognise the brand. The name of the company is another method of branding, because if your company has a name that stands out from others it will catch people’s attention, and people will be familiar with what you’re talking about and who they are purchasing from. There are 3 different types of branding: Product branding, service branding and corporate branding. Product branding is a specific product for example Nike Air by Nike. It’s a unique part of branding because it’s a small part of the main brand. Service Branding is a specific service by a brand for example iTunes by Apple as that is just a music downloading service, while Apple is a multi product company. Corporate branding i s a larger part of branding because it’s a brand that applies to a variety of products within one company, for example Malteasers are a part of the Mars Inc. corporate brand. Branding in Action: Innocent Smoothies and Children In Need This company was founded in 1998. They started with smoothies and from there expanded into food, juice and children’s smoothies. They concentrated on a health focus of their products contained 2 of your 5 a day. Innocent have about 78% market share. Innocent smoothies use an angel with a halo with no mouth as their logo; they use this as their logo to persuade customers that their products are ‘innocent’ like angels and that they are good for you and your body. This logo is a significant part of the Innocent brand because they use a distinguishable logo; no other well known brand uses a smiley without a mouth and a halo. Innocent is also uniquely recognisable because its marketing is that it’s healthy and good for you, this health aspect is a major part of Innocent’s branding. Innocent add value to their products by saying how healthy they are and how good they are for you. They only use recyclable packaging when they first formed their recycling eff orts stood at  70% they are now at 100% which is a huge achievement. The company use lots of different combinations of flavours, some you would not think of putting together. All their products are natural, no added flavours. They do their best to promote their brands by making a big thing out of being good for your body. Parents are more likely to buy as there are no additives. They boost their image as more people buy the products as lots of people are health conscious now. They also do various promotions like a woolly hat campaign to raise money for charity. They changed the name of their product to make it more successful, their previous name was Naked. That would have needed a completely different promotion as they want to be associated with good. These businesses need to promote themselves for people to see them and to recognise them for doing something differentiating them from competitors. Innocent smoothies promote themselves by doing unique things that other brands don’t, for example they notified customers how much the bottle had been recycled and they eventually had a 100% recycled bottle Children in Need are a charity in the UK that was founded in 1980. As a charity they have raised over  £600 million and they help to change the lives of disabled, vulnerable and young people of the UK. Children in Need raise money doing baking activities, fancy dress events and they encourage the public to do sponsored challenges and they have a big Children in Need television show. The Children in Need brand is best known for Pudsey the bear and its big telethon around November. Pudsey is highly recognisable in the brand because he has a unique eye patch that makes him stand out from any other mascot bear. Pudsey is also another way for Children in Need to attract children because he is a character as well as a mascot. The Children in Need brand is well known for its telethon in BBC, people recognise the telethon because it’s on a Friday night on a channel that is advert free so people are more likely to tune in. The telethon is well known for its challenges and celebrity e ndorsement and they also will have a combination of two well know shows for example Eastenders and ITV’s Coronation Street called ‘East Street’. Children in Need add value to their product by having unique merchandise; the products are unique because of Pudsey as he himself is a unique mascot. They add value to the customer because they emphasise the fact that all the money they make will go to a good cause which makes  people sympathetic, and even people who are not concerned about the children will donate because the products they provide are ‘fashionable’. Children in Need’s brand personality is that they help children and therefore that they’re caring and considerate. They are a fun charity and do a lot of fundraising events and activities, which is attractive to children and parents. Their ethical image is a large benefit to their company because people will recognise that what they do will help unfortunate children, and that will increase their customer preference for donating to their charity. This will enable them to raise more money therefore they will be able to do more fundraising and provide more entertainment. Them being seen as a fun charity will help them because the public can be encouraged to get involved in their work as it is enjoyable as well as helping at the same time. If the branding for Children in Need was not successful, and did not make them appear to be caring and considerate, then people wouldn’t donate and they would boycott from donating and participating from their fundraising . If they weren’t a fun charity then people wouldn’t be as interested in donating to their charity and they wouldn’t be as well known as they are now. They need to promote themselves so they can raise awareness of their various charities, for example in Southend they help the following charities: Southend Association of Voluntary Services, Southend Mencap and Southend Mind. Children in Need differentiate themselves by the way they promote their company, for example they have popular celebrity endorsement in their adverts. They need to differentiate themselves from other charities so that they can stand out so they can get more donations. The Children in Need charity promote their service by having famous and popular comedians in their shows and they have well known children entertainers. Another way they use promotion is by the way they have the show on BBC One where there are no TV adverts, so no adverts for competitor charities. They also promote themselves by having well known supermarkets selling their product and supporting them, for example Asda. They also use paper promotion, for example leaflets and flyers and billboards. T he most popular way they are recognised is by advertising using their mascot Pudsey. Innocent is environmentally friendly , recycle , sustainable ingredient sources, super market promo , festival , tv , humor Children in need :  helping , money 4 good , super market promotion , tv , humor Marketing mix a key tool in marketing. The marketing mix is usually vital when deciding a products marketing and include the following P’s : Pricing , Promotion, Place and Product. I will be talking about the Innocent Fruit Tubes and how the marketing mix is used in branding. Fruit tubes are a yoghurt mad by Innocent and they are made from 100% fruit and they have 2 different combination flavours: Strawberry mixed with raspberry and mango and pineapple. The company are proud to say that this product has no artificial sweeteners or any added sugar and lumpy bits. This product has and overall rating of 4.5/5 and a majority of 5/5 ratings. The packaging is designed for kids, you can tell this by the way it is very colourful and the fruit logos on each tube has a character name and an interesting fact. The size of the packaging is small and easy for customer and children to manage. The Innocent Fruit Tubes are roughly priced at around  £1.99 for a average packet of 6 tubes. The yoghurts are priced at roughly  £0.33 per yoghurt which is a reasonable cost and affordable for many people Innocent promote their fruit tubes by having promotional offers such as 12 tubes for just  £3.00 and they use TV, magazine, billboards and posters to promote their Fruit Tubes. They will have a sales team who will go and pitch their product to popular supermarkets and confectionary retailers. The most well known promotional campaign they used was The Big Knit which was when they appealed for members of the public to knit mini woolly hats for their innocent products to help raise money for the elderly and to keep people warm during the winter. Innocents Fruit tubes are on sale in multiple different places for example super market stores or online super markets and shops, cafe’s and sandwich bars. The product is distributed all over the UK as well as many places in Europe such as: Belgium, Denmark, Germany. France and many other countries in Europe and in the Maldi ves .

Friday, January 10, 2020

Difference Between Backing Up and Archiving of Data Essay

Explain the difference between ‘backing up’ and ‘archiving’ of data, state the process taken for both and give reasons why they are necessary. It is important to know the basic differences between backup and archiving information, in order to prevent loss of important files on a computer. There is a big difference between the two and it comes down to variables between short term and long term storage. Backing up important data files on a computer should be done often, sometimes once a day or more. Thinking of it like a short term insurance policy, backups can be done using USG keys, disks, even to tape. Sometimes this information is overwritten each time it is saved, as new tiles are being added. Backups are primarily used for operational recovery, to quickly recover an overwritten file or corrupted database. The focus is on speed, both to back up and recover, and on data integrity. Archives, on the other hand, typically store a version of a file that no longer changing, or should not be changing. For example, an accountant for a small business that uses QuickBooks will back up his files regularly in order to prevent a disastrous loss of inform. He will entrust that information to an online backup system that is updated at the end of each business day. This way, if a problem occurs with the individual computer or network, then there is a way to resurrect the book without having to enter a month of work. Archiving, on the other hand, is the equivalent of a long term insurance policy for files that are rarely accessed or never changed. This type of storage creates a history of the files in an authentic form that can be accessed weeks from now or years from now. The storage media for archiving requires that it have a long, stable life. If the owner of the company died tomorrow, where would you begin to look for important documents? Or what if an audit of 2003 came up? Creating an archive is essential to traching down vital information to a company or individual. Typically, archives have been stored on magnetic tapes in the past, but with cost of online data archiving solutions becoming more practical and inexpensive, you will see more use of them. Offsite data archiving is highly recommended in the even t of a disaster. Another way of looking at the differences is that backup contains multiple restore points, allowing you to go back in time in case of a virus, accidental deletion or accidentally saving over a file. Archived information will only store a singly version of a file and this is rarely changing, if ever at all. Often archived data will also span decades of files. Archiving may require certain policies or rules that approve who have access, how long the records need to be stored etc.